Being Marketing Genius

To be successful in marketing is a difficult thing to do. There are so many businesses and competitors that are out thriving; you need to know how you can make your way to the top, and stay there. Here are all the ins and outs of being the best marketing genius on the market!


A big part of creating a remarkable experience for your customers is having the ability to tell stories well! It?s so much harder nowadays to grab customers attention because there?s so much going on everywhere already, so you need to get creative. Customers identify with compelling stories more than anything, so tell a story that your customers can connect with on an emotional level. Once you?ve got the emotion, you have your foot in the door.


Whatever it may be that you?re selling, make the client hopeful, for example, you work in plastic surgery marketing, and there is someone out there in the world that has just had their nose broken and no longer wants to leave the house because they feel ugly. Your job is to install that hope within them, that if they come to you ? you will make everything better. You will ?make them beautiful again!?
So figure out what your customers need ? then you can give them hope.

Good mentor

All great marketing managers came from brilliant mentors. It?s all about finding someone you can learn from, it doesn?t matter how good you are already, you have to spot the people who know more than you do, then be that ?sponge? everything talks about. Soak it all in, also you may want to learn some funny sales quotes to use with your workers and customers.


Always stay focused on the goal you want to achieve, never take your eyes off it and figure out how you can reach that target. Break it up into different objectives, in order from the first step, to the last. Having a plan will make it easier to visualise what exactly you need to do.

Spend money

Sometimes you?re going to have to invest! It may be scary the thought of taking a big risk and then it all going wrong, but if you play it safe, you will never reach a higher status.

Create experiences

Today?s most successful marketers are the ones who create amazing experiences for their clientele. Thanks to the internet there are now many more points to interact between the buyer and seller. You might not be able to touch everyone, but even just one person is valuable because that one person has sisters, and parents, and friends and colleagues! Try imagining it as some a domino effect; if you?re successful enough to touch one, they may just all fall down.

Build a mystery

Most marketers rush out to tell everyone as much as they can about their product. Consider doing the opposite, hold back information, build the suspense, create the mystery, and then you can give people something to be excited about.

Don?t talk about the products ? talk about the people

Customers will zone out as soon as you start talking like a robot, ?you need this, buy it, it?s really good, it can do many things?? People don?t care about all of that. The best way to get into someone?s head is to talk about them, make them feel like you?re listening to them. Don?t just talk at them. It?s how any healthy relationship works, so why should marketing be any different?

Understand technology

If you don?t know that much about technology, then you need to learn ? fast! It is predicted that 2017 marketing will spend more on technology the information itself.
This doesn?t mean you have to be an engineering expert, but you do need to be able to use many of these applications as a business user. Commonly used marketing technologies include CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, marketing analytics, and a plethora of emerging, online marketing technologies. So try and familiarise yourself with these.

Test everything ? assume nothing

Never put anything out on the market if you are not 100% sure. Testing is key, and so is feedback. So make sure you go to focus groups and hit the streets to get some unbiased reviews. This is a great way to see if you need to rework what you?re selling.

Never stop learning

Although you may think you know what you?re doing, you can never know too much! Don?t get overconfident if your marketing skills are earning you customers; this is great, but always think about the next step. What can you do now? How can you gain even more customers? Go to seminars and workshops and have a listen. You may think you know it all ? but I can assure you, you don?t.

Know your market

You need to know who you?re selling to before you sell it. Maybe you?re trying to get the attention of the younger generation. You need to think what makes the product suited to them and not others. Once you know the what kind of customers you?re looking for, you will be able to find them easier through things like social media. Since most of the population are on either, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, you know where to start.

Write well

If you?re not able to write, then good luck getting anywhere. Your job is to make someone want what you have, and many marketers seem to underestimate the importance of writing. Copywriting is one of the most important skills you can have as it is the foundation or almost every marketing campaign.
From landing pages, emails and ad copies, copywriting is a relatively basic skill that can have a huge impact on conversion rates.


Inspire others to do great things too, be the idol that people want to see. Start by setting the right example, care and encourage others to go and pursue their dreams. Marketing plays a big role in our day to day lives, so do it the right way. If you?re selling beauty products, for example, don?t make your customers feel like they are can?t be pretty without it. This would be setting a bad example for people (especially young girls!) So instead, talk about how the product will enhance their natural beauty.

Positive attitude

It is important to always have a positive attitude and outlook on things, even if something doesn?t work out how you wanted it to. If you don?t get up each time you fall, you?re going to be on the floor for a very long time. Don?t just give up; it takes time to get it perfect so don?t be disheartened. When you do make your first mistake ? learn from it! See what went wrong, why did it go wrong? How did it go wrong? And when did go wrong? By reviewing your mistake, you will be able to prevent it happening a second time.

Have a great product

Whatever the thing you are selling may be ? make sure it?s good! It may be an idea that you?ve had for years, and you?re finally getting up and doing something about it ? that?s great! But if when starting, you realise your idea really isn?t a strong as you once thought it was, think of ways to improve it, and if there really is no way to save it, scrap it and start over. Travel, see how the world works, maybe you?ll be inspired by something you see and end up being the next Steve Jobs!

Don?t take no for an answer

If you are confident in your ideas and know that you can succeed, then don?t take no for an answer. If we stopped and gave up every time someone told us no, there would be no Steven Hawking to start with!
If you listen to all the negative comments people have to say; then it will effect you sooner or later. It?s important to know the difference between constructive criticism and plain right rudeness. A lot of negativity stems from jealousy, so don?t let it get you down; this should bring you up. If people are jealous of what you?re doing ? you?re doing it right! It is important to have thick skin and not take things personally. You?re there with a purpose, so don?t let anyone tell you different.

Bottom line

Marketing is challenging at times but is a rewarding job to have. You?re the middle man (or woman,) between the business and the people. You get to tell the stories and create the adventure and excitement that circles us nowadays. Marketing is everywhere, everything we look at today is an advert. So find what makes you different. What makes you stand out from the crowd and get the attention you need to be successful?

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