Apple in Turkey

Will we be able to get any Apple Product timely in Turkey?

Apple availibility in Turkey

Apple availibility in Turkey


Shame on Apple! The new iPadAir’s will be available in 40 countries on November 1, including; Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Cyprus & China…

I protest Apple for not including Turkey to the first 40 countries! Somebody should remind Apple Inc. that Turkey is the 13th largest economy with a very young population that heavily invest in Consumer Electronics.





Apple stores in 14 countries

Apple stores in 14 countries


the Turkish Retail Store Saga

Much ado about nothing. We were expecting a store in Turkey for the last 2 years. Somehow a retail store is still not open in Turkey. Supposedly, Istanbul was getting a store in Zorlu Center. The center opened, but without an Apple Store yet. However, during this time 14 countries got their Retail Stores already opened & operating.








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  1. Apple Online Store sonunda geçen hafta Türkiye için açıldı, fakat bu da yeterli değil. Zaten iPhone 5S için, 5 ila 7 hafta arası yollanır diyor.

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