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Mehmet Subasi

the Crypto Currency & Blockchain Developer. Crypto-investor and HODLer. DeFi & Altcoin Researcher.
an interdisciplinary Researcher and an old Management Consultant…

About Mehmet Subasi Background…

A curious interdisciplinary researcher, Management Consultant, Digital economy expert, Big Data enthusiast, marketing strategist & management consultant with 20+ years of management consultancy experience, speaker, author.
– “curious interdisciplinary researcher”
future oriented strategic management consultant / board member
digital economy expert dating back to Silicon Valley and mid 1990’s
big data enthusiast who is a pioneer in using data in management / decision systems
– “radical marketer” focusing on customer centric, digital and data driven marketing strategies
– writer, speaker and lecturer in sector conferences and universities, especially on the topics of digital marketing and digital economy

Mehmet Subaşı is a strategic marketing visionary for managing brands and marketing efforts effectively. His marketing style puts increased emphasis on customer centricity and quantitative (data driven) methods. He is one of the pioneers in changing the mindset of the management / boards on marketing management and strategy issues.
His mission is the right spread of digital strategies into large companies. He focuses on value creation and differentiation opportunities by using digital and data/result driven strategies. Shortly, he is a strategic management consultant believing that there needs to be a radical change in marketing & strategy.

Top management executive with broad experience in all aspects of strategy, corporate governance, management, HR, finance and marketing.
Served in the BoD and advisory boards of many Turkish digital startups and NGOs.
Direct experience with digital economy, renewable energy, home appliances, finance & banking, automotive, technology & telecommunication, retail, health, media, real estate, software development, management consulting and venture capital industries.

Early Life & Career…
Mehmet Subasi was born in 1970 in Istanbul, Turkey. Mehmet received his B.S. in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from University of Texas at Austin in 1993 and his M.B.A. from Columbia Business School in 1996.
In fifteen years he managed to live in ten beautiful cities on three different continents. During this time he had the opportunity to study in three universities, and work at an automotive giant in Detroit, a small household goods trading firm in Frankfurt, a distinguished investment bank in Istanbul and major management consulting firms in Boston, Istanbul, Milan and London.
He traveled Europe, Middle East and America thoroughly and wishes to see every country on this planet. He also enjoys sports, teaching and driving cars & motorcycles.

Currently, he is the founder & managing partner of Vodaco Crypto, a leading Crypto research firm with a focus on investments in digital assets. He also serves in the boards of various NGO’s and Universities (most importantly; the advisory board committee of Computer Science Department in Bogazici University)

In Crypto We Trust. We Trust, but we can also Verify;)
CryptoCurrencies / Bitcoin, the developing Blockchain and DeFi ecosystems are the most important developments of our time. Be a part of it, and you will prosper (and vice versa).

On MehmetSubasi.com…
You can find quick information on Mehmet Subasi. There is also a collection of articles on digital strategies and marketing (in Turkish). For articles in English, please see: marketing & strategy; Radical Marketer.

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